1. futurejournalismproject:

    They don’t give us the criteria but the Society for News Design’s inaugural Best of Digital News Design competition announces the following five winners

    • CNN: World’s Best-Designed News Web Site (CNN.com) and World’s Best Designed News App (CNN for iPad)
    • The Globe and Mail: World’s Best-Designed News Web site
    • The Guardian for iPhone: World’s Best-Design Mobile App
    • NPR for iPad: World’s Best-Designed News App

    Back in March, the SND announced sixty other winners for individual project.

    (Source: futurejournalismproject)


  2. Holga . D

    I must have one!


    Holga . D is a concept rendering of Saikat Biswas, here his concept of an open camera platform - presented - based on the old Holga's. The rendering is excellent and otherwise makes the concept of wanting more. The simple design and the seemingly simple operation of the camera are awesome.

    Via: Iso50